3 Easy Ways to Successfully Combat Facebook iOS14 Changes

Apple recently launched a new iOS14 update that shows a prompt to iPhone users to opt-in or out of third-party apps downloaded from the App Store. The most significant app affected by the new data tracking transparency initiative by Apple is Facebook. This action is causing fear amongst many brands, marketers, and advertisers since 52% of Facebook users in the U.S. use an iOS device. That's a big chunk of the 190 million users from the U.S., and we have no way of knowing what percentage of folks will opt into tracking and how much this will affect funnel tracking. The good news there are some steps you take now to help ease the transition.


Verify Your Domain

The first thing you will want to do is verify your domain. This process is a simple step and gives advertisers a way to claim ownership of their Facebook Business Manager domain. The other benefit of verifying your domain is that you gain access to tracking and related features associated with your domain.

To verify your domain, you should take the following steps:

  1. Go to Business Manager: https://business.facebook.com
  2. Go into the Business Settings tab in Business Manager and click Domains.
  3. Click Add a new domain

You can then use one of three options to complete the process, including Meta-tag, DNS, or HTML file.


8 Conversion Events

A max of 8 conversion events per domain will be allowed. This sounds limiting, but if you are a small business owner or advertiser that focuses on lead generation success metrics, this change should not affect you as much.

For example, the most extensive basic funnels have a similar funnel structure based on event priority as below:

Purchase > Add Payment Info > Add to Cart > Add to Wishlist > View Product > Lead > View Content. This is only seven events, so you would be clear of the eight maximum conversion events.

New Attribution Window for Conversions

Facebook has changed their new default window from a 28-day click to a 7-day click. This means that when comparing performance to 2020 or even 2019 data, you'll need to compare the past data in a 7-day click window. Our team recommends recording 28-day click and 7-day click historical data in a CSV across your most important metrics (Purchases, Purchases Conversion Value, ROAS, etc.). This action will give you a fair apples-to-apples comparison and help you make better data-driven decisions in the new world of Facebook advertising.


The Future of Facebook Advertising

Nobody knows the exact impact of the iOS14 changes until we get an extensive data set later in the year, but by taking the steps outlined in this article you will be one step closer to adapting to changes. As always, the core principles remain the same. Excellent copy with connective tissue with your creative and targeting, and being engaged with your customers across all of your marketing channels will get us through iOS14 and all future changes.

Posted On : 27-01-2021

Author : Patrick Dean Hodgson