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Search engines provide high intent traffic and countless opportunities for small businesses to convert the right traffic into leads and sales. Last year Google saw 6.9 billion searches per day and Bing nearly 900 million searches per day. Almost 80% of consumers who execute local mobile searches made a purchase.

As a Google Premium Partner and a team full of paid search specialists, our goal is to make sure our partners are well-positioned in search engine results pages to get high-quality leads to grow their business metrics.

We work with our partners to fully understand business goals to ensure alignment between our organizations and create data-driven search campaigns to generate the right results.

To understand whether our search program has been successful in achieving success, we work with our partners to:

  1. Identify which KPIs reflect goal progress achievement.
  2. Develop and agree to a measurement plan for each KPI.

There is also full transparency on campaign management: partners have full access to all their campaign performance data through a custom dashboard showing where your budget is being spent and what the agreed-upon KPIs are generating for them.


What is the solution?

Comprehensive paid search advertising management, customized to your business, including;

  • Custom Google Ads and/or Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing Ads) campaign managed by a Search expert.
  • Campaign optimization towards relevant KPIs.
  • Campaigns geo-fenced to drive only relevant local leads with specific postal codes and locations prioritized based on your feedback.
  • Campaign optimization best practices for ad creative, targeting, and pixel tracking.
  • Full transparent reporting with a customized reporting dashboard.
  • Direct access to AdMax Local Client Services through the Zendesk ticketing system.
  • Month-end campaign summary.

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